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The art I draw is my life :heart:
Photos, art, and writing are life :heart::heart:
Pokémon is life :heart::heart::heart:





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*there's a cat fight going on to the left*
Cherry: Can't they ever stop doing that?
Violet: Ocean's an idiot; what'd you expect?
Cherry: I dunno. I was hoping for a more... peaceful festival. 
Violet: It would be peaceful if those two stopped fighting...
Cherry: I heard Yellow's going to let a friend come.
Violet: Who might be that friend?
Cherry: Dunno, really. *noticed a figure zip by*
Feather! Get your ass back here! DAMN IT! YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO USE AREA STEAL!
Violet: Yellow? Who's Feather?
Uh... She's that friend of mine. But she keeps running off with my PET. One minute out of it, and she goes crazy. How're the others?
Violet: *points to the cat fight* Vaati can't separate them. Ever since they had the kid, they've been getting into more and more fights... Vaati really hates those kinds of fights.
I see. Well, ask White to help out, or John. Both of them are good at calming women.
Cherry: Speaking of White~ I heard he got a girlfriend~!
Yeah, he does.
Cherry: Ahhh~! That's so cute~!
Violet: *sigh*

(And here ya go! The update for the Autumn festival~ The-Hylian-Doctor 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
((I am an Artist who draws for fun~ I care very much about my friends, RL or on the Internet))

Name: Yellow Hakarashi
Age: 29

Weapons: Prefers Winged sword
Family: Adam, Kat, Shadowfire*Night fury*, Kyla and Orange
Relationships: Blue

Bio: At birth, Yellow was given to a woman named Jamie to be raised as a normal kid. It lasts until she turns ten and her "mother" and sister leave the house to go meet someone. Thinking all was well, she accidentally wishes to be in the manga with a favorite character of hers and it comes true. Skyla being her human name, she starts to travel with four boys but eventually earns the name "Yellow" discovering the truth about her. More soon join and it finally becomes a group of Links and Linkettes fighting reality and for their lives. Soon, Yellow will have to make a big decision that will affect the entire group and her friends...
It's still a true mystery of what her true Heroine title is as she has become a mother of three, Kiba, Oruko, and Ivy. She still ponders, even without Blue's knowing, of who she really was. Yellow may end up going on a quest to figure it out...

Friends: **NOT listing them. Too many.**

(Okay, there you have it ^^ and feel free to check these accts out if you


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